My Favorite Summer Coffee Recipe - By Danae, Jasper in June

Lavendar Cream Chaga Coffee

Recipe :

  • 1 Cup Vanilla Almond Milk 
  • 1 Sprig of dried Local Lavender 
  • 5-6 dried Chamomile Flowers ( I get mine dried at my local Earthfare
  • 1 tbsp. dried Chaga Mushrooms 
  • Dash of Cinnamon
  • Cup of Coffee/Espresso 


Add 1 tablespoon of dried Chaga mushroom to your morning coffee or espresso before brew.

Heat Almond Milk in a small pan till it begins to foam. Use whisk to create a froth. As milk heats, add Lavendar, Chamomile and a dash of Cinnamon. Allow flavors to blend. Continue stirring with whisk.  Once milk has obtained desired viscosity and has a nice foam ( no more than 5 minutes) it is ready to use.

Poor a cup of coffee from your Chaga brew, add your fresh Lavender infused cream to coffee. Spooning out any thick cream for the top of the coffee.

For an even stonger Lavender taste, or if you are in super chill mode, add an extra sprig of dried Lavendar to finished coffee.

This drink is a perfect way to wind down after a long summer day!

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