Easy DIY Table

I wanted to share with you an easy project that I came up with to give new life into some old furniture.

 ( Old table that was in storage for 3 years)

I love records. There is nothing quite as ceremonious or pleasing as thumbing through a shelf of records for that sweet tune to hit the spot! The sound of vinyl creaking through the speakers is quite satisfying.  I always 'tune' out when my favorite records are on! 

(my favorites!! NO ALBUMS were harmed in this project!! **)

The ONLY tool I need for this easy upcycle is a staple gun.

(Stanley staple gun gets me err'time! So easy to use!)

All I needed to do was flip the table and staple the record covers underneath. After securing all corners, I popped over to my local Ace Hardware and purchased some glass for the table top!

(Lazarus curious as always)

Be sure you allow your animals to help make the table! it will help them feel more at home. 

(Charlie wants to help!)

The glass allows my upcycle to be functional and the records give my table a retro- bohemian-hippie flare! 


(Completed table!)

Keep in mind all upcycles are unique. Your project may look different than mine depending on your materials. 

I would love to hear about your summer upcycle projects!! Please leave a comment in the comments section! 

Happy crafting!!!

Love ya,


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