Tucson Gem Show and Sedona/Grand Canyon Trip


Ben and Danae Sweeton

The Tucson Gem Show is the mega of all gem shows. It is the world's LARGEST gem, mineral, and fossil show. With over 50 gem shows in one city, crystal dealers, connoisseurs, and artist alike flock each year to sunny Arizona to see the large display specimens fit for giants! Of quartz, if you're a hipster, spiritual entrepreneur, or nature lover you must stop off for a day in Sedona to see the Red Rocks, the Airport rd Vortex, or to experience The Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park .

There were so many shows all over Tucson but we were only able to shop a few select shows in a short amount of time. (Side Note: next year I hope to stay longer!) Our lovely Airbnb was located about 40 minutes from Tucson near the Saguaro National State park.

We got to Tucson a little early on our first gem show shopping day and it was a very rainy day.  I was actually shocked when i first drove into Tucson seeing the hotels, huge tents, and large crystal babes from the road. I was so excited!

Tables and tables as far as you can see! Tucson had some of the most amazing specimens that I have ever laid eyes on. The very first Tucson Gem and Mineral Show was actually held in an elementary school in 1955!!! Shortly thereafter moved to the Tucson Fair Grounds. The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show now occupies the Arena, Exhibition Halls A-B-C, Galleria and Ballrooms. We visited Hotel Tucson and it was one of my favorite vibes! There was a swimming pool and orange trees surrounded by crystals and gems. The luxe interior, too! Like OMG click the hyperlink and check it out.

Our trip took 2 full days of driving from Tennessee to Arizona, and we drove in my busted up Jeep. Who ran like a champ, might i say.  I was very proud of her her! It was so fun once we finally got out west. Texas and the other states were just flat farming and factory lands. We actually passed two dairy farms and i was reminded why i choose almond milk instead. That will be another blog ;) Our adventure was full on fabulous fun shopping the show for 3 days. But then drove an hour to our next Airbnb in Kachina Village for the last leg of our trip. To which it was snowing!!!!! Neither Ben or I really packed for that. We had a blast anyways Kachina Village is a beautiful quaint little town. On the way there we drove through Jerome per a good friends suggestion. I highly recommend this too if you're ever out there. The views, mountains, canyons, enough to make a ya cry... like a baby!!! Honestly, so breathtaking and romantic.

We drove to Kachina so we could be basically in between Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Two places we have wanted to visit together. Two very spiritual and romantic places that both touched our hearts and memories forever. Check out the information on visiting a Vortex in Sedona here!  After vacationing for two days we drove back to Tennessee with full hearts, enlightened spirits, and a jeep full of crystals.

I truly believe one can manifest their dreams into reality.  I hope you enjoyed our blog about the Tucson Gem show. I could say SO much more! Enjoy a few vacation pics below! Love and Light, Danae  

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