What is your exercise language?

I’ve never really been a gym person. I mean don’t get me wrong... I’ve been to several gyms... I think they are great! But for me, I had to find my unique excercise language in order to let loose and get those endorphins going!  

I have found that feeling comfortable while working up a sweat IS my thing. Again, please don't get me wrong! It's good to step outside of your comfort zone! BUT feeling a room full of buff gym bunnies staring at little ol' me while trying to not fall off the treadmill made me not want to work out at all. What can I say? I am clumsy AF.

 Oh another one, running! I actually love running, except for when I do I feel super awkward. My cheeks feel like they bounce up and down and as they say in Talladega Nights,  "I don't know what to do with my hands."

This is not to say gyms and running are bad. I have a few friends that swear by both of these excercises. But I can't stand them. Know why? WE ALL HAVE A UNIQUE EXCERCISE LANGUAGE. That's right! Your body is different than my body, and her body, or his body! That means we all have a unique way that feels good to us to express ourselves in excercise. I want to help you find yours!

A few mentions before we start! The purpose is to encourage you to get active! You can do this whichever way feels good for you! It doesn't matter how ya' do it! JUST DO IT!!! Excercise is so beneficial to the heart, soul, mind and body! So grab some water and get going!!   

Quick and Easy Test to Disciver your Excercise Lanuguage!

Answer a few short questions to help discover yours!

 I feel most at home when:

     A-  I am in nature 

     B - I am alone with my thoughts

     C- I am with various groups of people 

     D - I have a set schedule and can follow it 

I like to:

    A- Listen to nature sounds

    B-  Meditate with crystals

    C - People watch

    D - Work up a sweat

My workout attire consists of:

    A - Nike shorts and running shoes

    B - Yoga pants and Free People  sports bra

    C - Sports bra tank, breathable tights, messy bun, MP3 player

    D - Yoga pants and your boyfriends tshirt

Mostly A's 

Sounds like you belong in nature! Your exercise language could be: 

Trail Running



Mostly B's

Looks like you are a yogini in the making! Take that high vibe energy to a local yoga studio and invest in a mat! Other exercise could be palates, hiking, or aerial yoga! Connect with your higher self through a hot yoga session!!

Mostly C's 

Its time for you to renew your Golds Gym or Planet Fitness membership! Get active! Work up a sweat by lifting weights, using various machines, and of course don't forget the hot sauna afterwards!

Mostly D's

You may be the exercise chameleon ! You would do well at many different style exercises! You could gym, hike, yoga, or just run in the neighborhood! You enjoy keeping a schedule and can make any situation work out to your advantage. So get active and have fun!!!

Great job! Just remember to be kind to your body! This means what you eat, drink, ingest, and do with it! Exercise is just a portion of the wellness mindset! 

What are your favorite ways to get active? I would love to hear your feedback!

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