Jewelry Demonstration in Nashville

It's important, in my humble opinion , to do something everyday that scares you. One of those opportunities came up for me recently. You bet I took it. AND you bet I was scared. 

Come along with me for the day as we enjoy Nashville and I demonstrate my craft!

The Intergalactic Bead and Jewelry show was this last weekend in beautiful Nashville Tennessee. I was invited to come and perform my silversmithing. My partner and I drove out for the day.  I always love visiting local vintage shops and we had extra time to do that and grab some yummy vegan food!

REWIND: I have never taken a silversmithing class in my life. All I know I taught myself.

FAST FORWARD: I was invited to demonstrate silversmithing for a school of jewelry arts!!!

YAY I couldn't believe it. 

Lets get this day started! Off we go to Nashvegas in Ben's new Denali and it was an amazing trip. First stop was vegan brunch at Graze .

I got the avocado and hemp heart toast. Ben ordered a yummy breakfast tofu bowl. The food was most delicious and highly I recommend the cauliflower sausage!

From here we headed over to Love Circle.  A local favorite for some of the best views of the city. 

Any time I am in a new city I really love stopping in the local vintage shops. 

 Luckily, we forgot Nashville is an hour time  difference, and we had extra time to stop in. 

Off we go to Anaconda Vintage,

I am so in love with all the murals in Nashville. These are on the side of Grumpy's on the way to the vintage shop.

Anaconda had a delicious selection of prairie dresses and granny sweaters and I almost spent all my money. Here is a delightful mint green vintage gown. I mean, you just dont see this color anymore.

Looking at the time we realized we better head to the Nashville Fairgrounds for the demo. Upon entering the fairgrounds, I swear I am not making this up, there were about 100 cars in line to get into the show. UMMMMMMM excuse me? I thought this was a little  demonstration  and it turns out there are thousands of people here....... WHUTTTTT ..

Anxiety crept in and I began to breath faster and started to feel the butterflies. I reached for my calming Amethyst and Lavender essential oil as I worked through what had felt like a mini mini heart attack. As we enter the show it turns out there were also a garden and a home show at the center!!! All the people were not coming to see me. WHEW. Lots of nervous giggles were shared with Ben and we decided to go on in.

Upon entering I must admit I felt like a total bad ass at the door. The nice gentleman told me how much it was to enter the show and I quickly said, 'I'm Danae... here for the demo' with almost a wink and a smile in my voice. He kindly pointed me in the right direction and I entered the show for free.

Our workshop for the day was set up in the back and it looked fancy! Royal blue curtains hung behind the demo tables looking so elegant and flashy. I felt like I had arrived, not just in that moment, but in my mind I felt like I had 'made it'.

Tears formed up and I shakily approached the table. I found confidence inside I needed to introduce myself. The entire team commented on how beautiful my jewelry was and how impressed they were with the tools I brought.  SHOOK

Everyone was so kind and we began talking shop, tools, process, and more! I  immediately felt right at home and started to dig my tools from my cute $5 walmart bag and vintage suitcase with stickers all over it.

During the demo I got to talk to a few interested show attendees and demonstrate my best selling necklace!

Being self taught, I never knew how to use an acetylene torch. My colleauge brought two for the demo and he let me use his! I had so much fun demonstrating silversmithing with this new torch. She is so clean and worked like a charm. My handheld is a little wonky and the flame is super strong. Over the years, I have really learned how to use my hand and when to make it heavy or light according to my flame. 

During the show I crafted two pieces. It was such a great event and learning experience. I have been invited back to demonstrate at future shows.

I cannot express how important it is to do something that scares you. Stepping out of your comfort zone immediately leads to growth and new experiences. 

Nashville was a real gem and I am so looking forward to traveling to demo at more shows!

Are you doing something that scares you? 

Are you stepping out of your comfort zone in faith? 

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