Fossils of the Tucson Gem Show 2020

Come January each year, I begin to feel the excitement for the Tucson Gem Show which starts in  February.  Of course I always want to see the large gems and unique finds, but this year I sought out the coolest, funkiest, and oldest FOSSILS of the show!

Come with me as I introduce you to


Old ass Ammonite specimen

Fossils are old af. Up to 3.5 billion years old. Their age is determined by Relative, Absolute, and Radiometric dating. They are nature's records of animals and plants that lived long ago.

Some of my most favorite fossils are AMMONITES.  The beautiful Fibonacci  sequence is natural and sacred geometry. The symbolism of a beginning with no end and the ever turning cycle of life carry deep meaning and sacred values. It is said that Fossils have a very calming and soothing energy. 

The fossils of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show have not disappointed my curiosities. I have seen some of the largest Ammonites in my entire life here at the gem show.

Fossils are cool because they give us clues about what life was like a long time ago. If we didn't have fossils we would of never known dinosaurs existed.


Speaking of dinosaurs, have you ever heard of coprolites?  It's fossilized...erm, uh... poop. I think its fricking gross. It typically is found from sea animals mostly due to all the minerals and scale in their diet, but also, yep.. you guessed it, DINOSAURS! It's pretty much just fossilized poop... like, real gross  and yucky. Check out what I mean below. 

 However, in my humble opinion, POLISHED dinosaur dung is actually quite beautiful. I have never worked with any before, but you better believe I found some at the Tucson show! Check it out below.

These polished slabs are so beautiful to me!

Anywho, on to day 4 of shopping and you would not believe the size of these fossils from Morocco. Fossils are found in sedimentary rock in the earths surface. Ammonites dominated the seas surrounding Africa and fossils from this region are among the world's best.

This show had several large displays as you can see here :

and HERE

I really loved the Orthoceras display above. It gave me the feels. Orthorceras fossils are extinct nautiloids. They are the ancient relatives of the modern day squid. 

DID YOU KNOW fossils have been found on EVERY continent in the world?

DID YOU KNOW  The largest fossil ever discovered is a petrified tree found in Thailand.  

Each show had a different offering.

Me and my main

Ammonites were prolific breeders, they lived in schools, and are among the most abundant fossil today.

Can you spot the natural opelesence on the ammonite above? 


I must say, the Tucson Gem show had the most amazing fossils I have ever seen. Large ancient crocs, ginormous Ammonites and more. But the best collection of prehistoric memorabilia had to of been the Geo Decor booth.  They offer exceptional fossils, minerals, and meteorites for interior designers, collectors, and museums. At the gem show, they had a fossilized Tyrannosaurus  installation. 

So FOSSILS ARE COOL and the Tucson Gem Show showcases the best of them all! 

Thank you for coming on this ancient journey with me and I hope you may of learned something today.

Remember you may be able to find fossils in your area. Search creek beds and mountain run offs for crinoids.

Thank you to the Tucson Gem and Mineral show for another amazing year. We dove into 10 of the 51 shows all in ten DAYS!

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