Well as we close out 2020 (thank goodness), we have one more stone to shine like the stars in the winter time sky. December marks the beginning of Winter. The days grow shorter and the nights grow longer. I find it fitting that the gemstone for December is a blue stone. It harkens back to the fact, we are entering into the darker (literally and sometimes emotionally) days with less of that bright solar energy!  Some people suffer from the winter blues and blue has been a key color in the celebrations of snow, Hanukkah (which is the Jewish holiday that occurs this month), and when we look to pop culture; winter is synonymous with blue hues such as Elsa's dress and eyes, icebergs and glaciers having a deeper blue hue within them (this is also scientifically noted as well about glaciers). So it's no suprise that the gemstone of this month and birthstone of this month is Blue Zircon.  

Figure 1. Blue Zircon from The International Gem Society The International Gem Society (IGS) is quick to note that although it sounds similar to zirconia, it is indeed NOT a fake stone. However, the IGS also are assertive in the fact that the most favored BLUE zircon, is just one of the many colors zircon can be, but zircon comes from all over the globe in many colors with green being the rarest natural formed color. Matter of factly, the IGS states, "Zircons come in many colors, but blue is perhaps the most popular and expensive. However, almost all blue zircon is heat treated.".  

ETYMOLOGY According to the IGS the name Zircon comes from "the Arabic zargun, from the Persian zar for “gold” plus gun for “color.”". Additionally, during the 19th century, when cut into smaller pieces for gemstones mineralogist A.G. Werner coined the term "jargon" for the small pieces (Mégemont 2008). In old French the word for "small stone" was "jargunce", which can also be perceived as possible roots for how Zircon got its name (Mégemont 2008). Blue Zircon is sometimes referred to as "starlite" (Mégemont 2008), which ties in perfectly as it being deemed a winter birthstone due to longer nights (at least in the Northern Hemisphere).

OCCURRENCE (Indent here)Areas to find natural zircon is in igneous rocks all over the world; the IGS stresses mostly in granites as well as alluvial material. In dealing with alluvial material, the International Gem Society states, "Angular zoning and streaks are sometimes seen in the low type. Some silk is seen occasionally, as well as tension cracks and epigenetic cracks stained with iron oxides. Metamict pieces may have bright fissures known as angles.".  

Figure 2. Zircon: Sri Lanka (19.03, 17.43, 14.20, 9.26 // 4.36, 11.26, 15.70), Cambodia (5.56) // Sri Lanka (8.92, 16.63, 7.77, 5.34). Photo © Joel E. Arem, PhD, FGA. Used with permission. Obtained from IGS website.

METAPHYSICS All gemstones, crystals, and minerals have energy. Everything that is natural on this planet has energy. This is especially notable in crystals, so much so that there are healing modalities that center on crystal energy. Each crystal has its own unique energetic frequency. That energy is the groundwork for further metaphysical uses of crystals. Below are the metaphysical properties for Ziron.


Healing for the sake in these blogs is a broad term for any therapeutic use of a crystal. Zircon in general (not just the blue variety) can be used in a myriad of healing techniques. The Metaphysical Book of Gems and Crystals, by Florence Mégemont, states that Zircon is especially helpful for issues involving the both the urinary tract and cardiovascular help (2008). Mégemont  also states, "used for urinary and prostate infections" and helps people tolerate diuretics easier that have been prescribed for ailments such as cardiovascular and blood issues (2008). 


As far as magickal uses there is not a whole lot of information on exact usages for Zircon. Mégemont does allude to it helping with hightening intellect as Zircon does give off a small and harmless amount of radiation (2008). Additionally, based on the color, certain chakras can be healed or blockages removed; for example, the Blue Zircon based on it's blue color can help the throat chakra, which is represented as a blue chakra (Adams 2016). As noted above, Zircon's radiation as noted above, can elevate intellect, which can be seated in either the third eye or crown chakras (which are blue based colors as well; third eye is indigo, and the crown is associated with violet) (Adams 2016).


Zodiac correspondents occur with all crystals and gemstones (Adams 2016, Mégemont 2008). It may seem obvious that the birthstone would correlate with the zodiac sign of that birth month; which this time would be Capricorn, but this is not always the case. According to The Metaphysical Book of Gems and Crystals, zircon is associated with Cancer, Aquarius, and Sagittarius (2008). For those who are Cancers, zircon can help alleviate depression, for Aquarians it can help relieve nervous tension, and for Sagittarians, it can alleviate digestion issues when placed over the affected area (Mégemont 2008). 


Blue Zircon is the birthstone and gemstone of the month for December. However, Blue Zircon is made with heat treatment as zircon comes in a wide variety of colors. The name has roots in Arabic, Persion, and old French to mean small pieces of gold color; and Blue Zircon is sometimes referred to as Starlite. It is a commonly found mineral all over the world and is pretty hard on the Mohs scale, yet it can become worn at facet edges. Blue Zircon can help with stimulating intellect, and other varieties of Zircon can help with depression, tolerating diuretics, cardiovascular and blood health, urinary and prostate issues, as well as digestion, depression, and nerves. It is associated with Cancer, Aquarius, and Sagittarius, even though most born in December are Capricorns. Zircon is a technicolor umbrella that covers the earth with many facets (no pun intended) to be explored in healing and color varieties that can associate to certain chakras (for example, the Blue Zircon this blog entry was originally supposed to be hyper focused on before the wealth of knowledge was discovered about Zircon in general, helps the bluish chakras such as the throat, third-eye, and crown with intellect stimulation). Blue Zircon may be a man made variety by heat exposure, but it is still a Zircon nonetheless, and therefore a very varied gemstone with a multitude of colors and uses! Happy December Jasper in June followers and may your holidays be as bright as Starlite!


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