Elmwood Mine COLLECTION PREMIERE // Crystal POP up // POMKT


What an honor to showcase these gems at POMKT ! The Elmwood mine has some history and lore behind it.  But real quick lets discuss the chic Powell Market! Because, like... I can't. EVEN. with these color palettes and the kind humans that you will find frequenting their doors! When Julie and Bo opened their photography studio to extend a portion to lifestyle and the community, they began something quite magical. Offerings include photography studio, retail shop, yoga classes, local pop ups (that's us!), wellness classes, workshops, and so much more! Big thank you to POMKT for opening their sacred space to house our Elmwood specimens for a few days! 

When I found out it that the Elmwood mine is closed to collecting, I knew I had to get as many of them as I could to share with you. The mine was owned and operated by a Belgian company prior to 2010 who reportedly blasted any pockets of this amazing Calcite when they came across it. 😭✨Stan Esbenshade was allowed in the mine in 2010 and this is part of his collection that I now own. Our largest specimen is over 25 pounds.

The Elmwood-Gordonsville Mine is a underground mining operation and legend has it that prior to Esbenshade's approved excavation in 2010 any Calcite, Fluorite, or Sphalerite specimens that came from the mine were snuck out. These gems have a story that deserves to be told, they deserve to be seen... and we brought them to Powell Market for Chattanooga to see!

Calcite has been known in the metaphysical world as the 'sunshine' mineral.

I was able to play dress us as a local vintage shop, Shop Odyssey Goods was also popping up with me! How adorable is this dress? A Wildflower Tea run completed the day! I chose their Lung Capacity blend + Nettles + Agave nectar. Yum! Thanks Mariah!

Calcite is not the only rockin specimens common to this mine. Flurotie, Sphalerite, Barite, Calcite, the sunshine mineral, works energetically with your sacral and solar chakras.  Jasper in June has several offerings including the vibrant orange gemmy Calcite.  You may find this crystal aids in meditation and creates a state of deep serenity, and it brings the golden light down from the higher realms.This energy will move down through your entire chakra system to infuse you with this strong spiritual vibration.  Calcite is a carbonate mineral.

Small business owners Summer Mallory of Sacred Harvest and Ceciley Myers of Sweet Tides came out to see the collection.

Local massage therapist, Blake Grooms, stopped in for the pretty gems as well.

I had the most amazing time showcasing our collection at the beautiful POMKT!  If you get the chance please visit their website, or, if your'e in town, stop by for some CBD samples, Organic makeup, and for Julie and Bo! If you're lucky you might get to meet Goldie! :)  

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