Crystal Diggin' - Crystal Vista- Find CRYSTALS in Arkansas


Arkansas is a state that may not be on the top places to travel for your average blogger, but let's face it- I am not average.  

Y'all know I like to get dirty and if you are new here, before your assumptions. . .  let me break it to ya, it's literal dirt. I like to play in the dirt >.<

I have been studying up on Arkansas for a while now and it is no misnomer that it is THE  top quartz producer in the ENTIRE world. 

SO how the heck can you find crystals in Arkansas? There are many locations known to prospect for crystal in AR. I will get to more at another time, but today I wanted to tell you about Crystal Vista.

This location is open and free to explore. Located in the Ouachita National Forest,  the trail is easy and breathtakingly beautiful. Don't worry, it is only about a 1 mile hike. The Crystal Vista is an old industrial mine location and Quartz crystal can still be found today. It has been inactive for over 20 years, but a little patience and some luck. . . you will find some crystals. I took my Copper boy who enjoyed the hike as well. 

TOOLS:  I use naturally shed deer antlers to dig around, but you can use a screwdriver, or tools similar. I dont recommend an axe unless you plan on digging the rock face and that is not for the faint of heart.

As soon as I stepped out of my car Copper led me straight to a large crystal point. I immediately knew it was going to be a great day. The winds blew the leaves, and the forest began to sing... call me crazy but everything slowed down as if it were a magical portal into a different time.It was quiet, enchanting, and peaceful. Please note this is a primitive site. There is no washroom or toilet. Once you get to the top of the trail you will find a fork in the road. Be sure to vear right ;) This will lead you straight to the old mine site.

Copper and I started diggin under trees and searching for dark peanut butter clay. Look for exposed roots and start diggin!  Please note, crystals may only be collected for personal use. Resale of crystals from this location is strictly prohibited.

MINING TIP- Always take ziploc baggies to store your finds!

Check out these points I collected from this location and if you are ever off HWY 27 near Mt. Ida and Gardner mountain in Arkansas, check out the Crystal Vista.


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